Tomorrow’s Solutions

Tomorrow’s mobility poses new challenges for us and for technology. In addition to the major developments in electromobility and autonomous traffic, tomorrow’s urban traffic in particular will require new mobility concepts. In doing so, it is necessary to ensure a high level of safety and an environmentally friendly drive train while taking up little space.

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By integrating simulations into the development process at an early stage, costs can be effectively reduced by preventing expensive changes to the product in a later development phase.


Robust, low maintenance, modular. This is the Icai, a real packhorse among the cargo bikes. With a load capacity of 300kg and space for a pallet, the Icai is the vehicle for climate-friendly transport of goods in the city centre.

A 250W Brose motor provides the necessary power to move the vehicle and makes moving heavy loads a walk in the park.


The specially developed Veleon is a three-wheeled cargo bike which, thanks to its sophisticated front axis geometry with integrated tilting technology, can be moved dynamically through city traffic like a normal bicycle. There is room for up to two children in the cargo box. Versatile and changeable, Veleon is the ideal companion for all mobility requirements of everyday life.